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Digital Playbook: Projects


Strategize and Plan:  Redefine your digital footprint by making your current web presence as a central character of your business. We will help you reimagine all of your business being done only digitally by starting an ongoing conversation with both IT and line of business (LOB) leaders. We would help you prepare the blueprint of flexible expectations for application requirements, design, development and delivery required to succeed with Web-scale composite applications.

Develop Governance: With the right strategy in place we will help you establish a decision-making process that encourages both IT and LOB leaders to thoroughly consider both the short-term and the long-term costs, benefits and risks for each web application requirement, design and development alternative.

Drive Change Management: With the correct strategy and right governance in place we would help you set up a system that can effectively communicate new ideas via multiple digital and non-digital channels. Our charter of development will assure your IT and LOB leaders that an agile, incremental approach to application design and delivery will reach optimal capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Execute: With the change management set up at the beginning we will drive your application architecture improvement initiative to achieve both business and technical outcomes. We will continuously update and drive new elements of the initiative in response to changing business requirements and technical capabilities.

Measure and Improve:  With a solid execution methodology in place we will help you track how effectively design and development decisions deliver capabilities that enable expected business outcomes. Measure the costs and time to market for each project. Using these measures to inform a regular program of design and process reassessment.

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