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Softlink Information Systems works with some of the finest and leading edge technology business partners to build and deliver your optimum digital Ecosystem. We work with opensource products and proprietory products leveraging the best for today and tomorrow



Unlock the Business Value of Data Relationships - Neo4j is the World’s Leading Graph Database


Create New Products and Services

Harvest new market opportunities by creating products and services that leverage data relationships. Beat your competitors to market, reduce churn, and achieve company vision with the new applications you can create with Neo4j.


Reimagine Existing Products and Services

Reimagine existing applications to innovate with data relationships. Achieve sustainable competitive advantage by harnessing the value of data in your enterprise applications. Reduce project complexity and risk. Increase revenue and delight your customers like you never thought possible.



Freedom to Accelerate


The Acquia Platform helps businesses transform to meet the ever changing needs of the digital world.

Unify your business and technical teams together around one platform that helps you build amazing digital experiences faster.

For Marketers & Merchandizers

Acquia puts you in control of delivering personalized experiences and driving conversions.
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For Brand & Content Managers

Acquia helps you deliver unified brand, social, and commerce experiences across devices and geographies.
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For Developers & Technical Leaders

Acquia helps developers build complex applications faster, and gives technical leaders the security, reliability, and scalability they need.
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Linkurious is an award winning graph visualization startup founded in 2013. They created a software solution that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies identify and investigate insights hidden in complex connected data. Their on-premise graph visualization and analysis software is used for fraud detection, enterprise architecture management, medical research or IT management. It is compatible with graph databases (AllegroGraph, DataStax, Neo4j, Titan) and comes with advanced security features and an extensible API. For more information, see 

WSO2 Solution Partner



WSO2 provides five key advantages that enable and enhance Connected Businesses - agile enterprises that excel in today's world of rapid evolution and change, connect both internally and externally, and quickly deliver new products and services.


100% Open Source

WSO2’s platform is the only comprehensive middleware platform that is 100% open source with no gimmicks. This gives you unlimited opportunity to explore and experiment with our platform with no licensing costs. Most importantly, you can download and play with the same version that runs in production at no cost. WSO2 not only uses an open-source license, but also follows an open development process, which customers can observe and provide input into.

Read more about how our open-source software can be used to implement solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Largest Platform Built on Single Code Base

The WSO2 platform is made up of over 25 products covering all major categories from integration and API management to identity and mobile. All products are built using a single code base; therefore, they work seamlessly with each other so less engineering resources are needed when integrating them.

Read more about how our customers have increased their market share andenhanced their services with WSO2 middleware or learn more about our composable platform advantage.


Cloud Enabled

Support for private, public, and hybrid clouds mean that the same application can run on-premise and on the cloud. As a result, the WSO2 platform is future proof as you don’t need to re-architect your solution when you move to the cloud.

Read more about how we meet our customers’ requirements for analytics to run both on-premise and in the cloud or learn more about our Cloud DevOps PaaS.


Premium Support

WSO2’s business is support. When you purchase support for a WSO2 product, you get 24x7 support with a guaranteed response time of 1 hour by the engineers that built the product and know the code inside out.

Read more about how this has benefitted a provider of secure electronic services and see what customers and WSO2Con participants have to say about us!
Learn more about WSO2 enterprise support for users of our products.


Global 500 Clients

WSO2 software runs billions of enterprise-critical transactions per year. It is used by hundreds of major companies throughout the world, including Boeing, eBay and Cisco.

Read more about how our customers like, Boeing, eBay, and BDigital have leveraged WSO2’s advantage to enable lean and agile operations.


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